Amma odi application form

All the candidates can check the Eligibility List from the direct link provided below. Applied candidates check your Payment status from the below link. Also, check your Child Details through the link provided below. The main motto of this YSR Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme is to offer financial help to mothers to provide education to their children. The beneficiary will get financial assistance of Rs.

Through this Amma Odi Scheme, the government provides INR as Financial Assistance per year to all the mothers who will send their children to schools. Also, to reduce the illiteracy rate of Andhra Pradesh and motivate people to send their children to school, CM is going to implement this scheme. Students who are studying in private and public schools can grab the benefits of the AP Amma Vodi Scheme.

This Amma Vodi Yojana is to be implemented from 9th January to encourage parents, guardians that all their children must have an education in either private or public schools. As a result of this scheme, the government promotes education among the children and it will reduce the drop in our rate of the children.

Also, the Amma Vodi Application Form should be filled by the parent or guardian by attaching the required documents. Submit the filled application form to the nearest office or you can submit the online form through the official portal jaganannaammavodi. Stick on to our Freshers Now page to get the latest updates. Yes, you can download it from jaganannaammavodi. Or you can get it from FreshersNow. Share on Facebook. Tech BE B. Com BCA. Tech ME M. Sc MCA M. Govt Jobs by Qualification. Please enter your comment!

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Amma Vodi Scheme in AP – Apply Online | Application Form, Benefits, Eligibility 2019

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amma odi application form

Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme. Jagananna Vasathi Deevena Scheme.

amma odi application form

AP Govt Jobs.Friends, the Government of Andhra Pradesh keeps on issuing some plans to improve the economic condition of the state. Recently the Chief Minister of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Jaganmohan Reddy launched an important scheme to improve the literacy rate in the state. The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to those mothers who have decided to put their children in schools.

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Initially, the scheme has been started only for school-going children. It was later extended to intermediate students as well.

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Under the Amma Vodi scheme, the government gives Rs 15, to every mother to send her children to schools. This scheme will definitely increase the literacy rate and reduce the problem of child labor.

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The government says that the Amma Vodi Scheme depot also applies to intermediate students staying in government and residential hostels. Millions of students who are below the poverty line have applied for the Amma Vodi scheme. The AP state government, after announcing the scheme, suggested that to students had registered their applications before 26 November and schools with more than students could register before 27 November.

While some schools in AP State have requested authorities to extend the application date, the government considered their application and extended the submission date to 30 November. Hence the school management has submitted the eligible student list to the concerned authorities.

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The concerned department will soon release the list of beneficiaries by examining all the applications submitted by the schools. Applicants are ready to wait for the beneficiaries list to be updated. Amma Vodi Scheme: Brief Details. Amma Vodi Scheme Eligibility. Amma Vodi Scheme: Documents Required. How to Apply for the Amma Vodi Scheme. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Quick Links.Table of Content. All Candidates who are willing to apply online application then download official notification and read all eligibility criteria and application process carefully. Ammoodi has arranged for those who do not apply to solve the problem within the village secretariats without turning around the authorities. The education department officials announced that the login facility will be provided to the village secretariats for the revision of the Ammoodi list.

It was clarified that the Secretariat staff was also given the option to edit the list of disqualified persons. It said it would benefit a total of 83,72, students from 61, schools and 3, colleges.

On January 9, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy said the money would be deposited in the bank accounts of the mothers of the students. He explained that the number of students benefiting this year has increased more than last year.

The money will be accrued to the bank accounts of beneficiaries every year in January, till their children pass out of school. Step 5- Finally, Carefully check all of the information and submit it to your nearest government office or you can also upload it to the official website of the Andhra Pradesh government. Those who are waiting for the beneficiary list can also access it directly from the links shared below for all the districts.

Step 4- Now a new page will open before you where you have to click on the login link according to the district where you reside. The state government had issued the order sanctioning financial assistance to about 43 lakh mothers or guardians last week.

The scheme says that the mothers of minors, who are studying in school Class 1-Class 12whether in private, government, aided or unaided schools, are eligible for the scheme.

The government is preparing to implement the Jagannath Ammoodi scheme across the state on January 9, The selection of those who are already eligible is almost complete.

It will provide Rs 15, to about 80 lakh students. With this, the government has given another chance to all such people.

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme Registration, Application Form And Eligibility In Andhra Pradesh

If the child discontinues the study in between then he will not get any financial assistance. It includes both public and private schools. Under the flagship programme, the state government will extend financial assistance to the tune of Rs. The amount is to be directly transferred to the bank account of the beneficiaries.

The amount is to be transferred to the accounts of the mothers till the children complete their Class 12 education. Phone :Email : apcse. Sir One of my student ammavodi is in withheld. The aadhar of the student was erroneously entered. What is the way to correct it.

Plz let me know. Is there any chance to modify the Aadhar number. Sir my kid in ineligible list because of the aadhar details are not valid.

I asked in sachivalayam,they told to me the aadhar should be in update,but the aadhar centers are not worked due to corona virus,they are not allowed the children for the updation, now I updated my children aadhar, but it will take some time to open the details sir please l request you sir consider the problem sir, thank you sir.

Though my son is eligible for Ammavodi Scheme. His name was not enrolled. Kindly do needful justice sir to enrolled my son Name accordingly in the forthcoming list to meet the ends of justice to my family.

Allada Parvati aparvati gmail.Andhra Pradesh State Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme is applicable for private schools, public schools, and intermediate students. The main motto of this JaganannaAmma Vodi program is to help mothers financially educate their children. This will ensure that families do not force their children to leave school for lack of money. As part of this Amma Odi scheme, The government is providing annual financial assistance of 15, INR to all mothers who will send their children to school.

Also, to reduce the illiteracy rate in Andhra Pradesh and motivate people to send their children to schoolCM will implement this program. Check the eligibility criteria of the Amma Vodi program before applying. Amma vodi scheme announced. Focus on the implementation of the scheme soon after coming to power. Discussed in the cabinet. It is scheduled to be implemented from January 26th. CM Jagan has asked the Education Ministry officials to apply the scheme to government, private schools, and intermediate.

It seems that Jagan has decided to give 15 thousand money. Go to the relevant office where the program is being implemented or being processed. Now, go and ask the agent for the application form and fill in the details. Submit the form with the required attachments. You will receive regular updates on the status of the application. The application process is not clearly indicated by the officials. This can be both in the online and offline processes.

When the website of this program is open, we will provide you with all the details about the application process. The project has recently been accepted by the Council of Ministers and work is underway to be in place by January 26, It will be designed to benefit the population.

So check here for more details regularly. And the work is started so that it can be implanted by January 26 th, It will be designed in a way to be beneficial to the people. So, the Clear eligibility details of Jagananna Amma Vodi SchemeAmma Vodi will be given but let us see the basic criteria for application.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook WhatsApp Twitter.On the occasion of 71 st Republic Day, CM Jaganmohan Reddy will provide 15, rupees to the mothers who send their children to schools. This Scheme comes with many more benefits along with the financial support to send the children to schools.

S Jaganmohan Reddy will also give the scholarship to the students every month which helps them. The main motto of this scheme is to reduce the illiteracy rate in Andhra Pradesh State. CM Jaganmohan Reddy promised to reduce the school fees of private schools. Under this scheme, he will also introduce English medium in all Government Schools with Telugu as the mandatory language.

amma odi application form

YSR Amma Vodi will help the parent struggle in sending their children to school with this support. It is the main reason why parents are not willing to send their children to Govt Schools.

The parents are also not able to afford the high fee of private school. So, these are the main things which should be eradicated. YSR Amma Vodi Scheme is to reduce this percentage and motivate people to send their children to school.

The scheme is recently accepted by the cabinet meeting and the work is started so that it can be implanted by January It will be designed in a way to be beneficial to the people. So, the clear eligibility details of YSR Amma Vodi will be given but let us see the basic criteria for application.

We will update the other eligibility details very soon when they are officially announced. So check here for any further details regularly. You need to collect the copies of all the documents before you apply for the Amma Vodi Scheme. Visit the related office where the scheme is implementing or processing. Now, go and ask for the application form from the officer and fill the details. Submit the form with attached documents required.

You will get the updates about the status of application regularly. The application process is not given by the officials clearly. This may be in both the online and offline process. When the website for this scheme is open we will give you the complete details on the application process.

There is no website till date but will be opened soon by the officers where you can ask all your doubts or issues.

amma odi application form

Now, for any further information about the scheme, you can go to a nearby government office. If any further details are announced we will update site check Timesalert. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please enter your comment!

Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! September 28, September 19, This Financial Amount will be given for Promoting the Literacy ration under the state. This scheme will be fully government-funded scheme and it is a pre-election promise of YSR Government. The students who are studying in public and private schools may avail the benefits of AP Amma Vodi Scheme. In the Cabinet Meeting Chief Minister also declares that this Rs financial amount will be given through cheques.

This student welfare scheme will be implemented in all over the state and every caste and category student will get the initiative of the Amma Vodi Yojana. To encourage guardian and parents that they send their children to the school state government is planning to start Scheme from Republic Day 26 th January This scheme will definitely improve the education level under the scheme.

The scheme would promote education among children and reduce the dropout rate of students. Under this scheme, amount will be transferred directly to the beneficiary account. So, the applicant must have a bank account of any bank while applying for this scheme.

Direct bank transfer will create transparency in the operation of scheme. Amma Vodi scheme is providing financial help to the BPL Family children who are studying in class 1st to class 12th. Financial assistance will be given on an annual basis. The Amount will be transferred in the bank account of the beneficiary. Any citizen of the state may apply for the scheme through online or offline medium through the government portal.

Yes, white ration card, student school identity card, aadhar card, address proof, name of the school, mother passport size photo. My name is basha from gooty RS my daughter is studying in kendriya vidyalaya in gooty xi class how to apply ammma vodi scheme please tell me school is not responding. Grand mother vadda babu unnadu School lo 4th class e ammavodi Aligibul plz send replay.

Sir first of all Tq for ur schems i have small doubt account for individual or joint account sir plz reply to question. Sir my daughter is studying 11 class in kendriya vidyalaya gooty in anantapur dist how to apply ammma vodi scheme please tell me but KVS is not responding.

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